18 Jan

Elephants Minting Starts

Fair drop! No whitelisting or early access. Elephants minting starts with 500 free mints and a total supply of 8888 as well as 10 unique ones upon reveal!


NiftyZoo Metaverse Experience

Development of the NiftyZoo Metaverse Experience in partnership with WokeDAO starts.


New NiftyZoo Drop

A new animal is being introduced and starts living in its very own collection. Elephant owners will benefit from free mints, early access to the Metaverse experience and many more!


Community Vote

Community vote on where to allocate the charity funds for endangered animals to and performing the allocation!


Release of Metaverse Experience

First version public release. Meet your favorite animals & friends in the NiftyZoo!


New Animal & Roadmap Updates

New animal collection release as well as roadmap updates defining the roadmap for the 2nd half of the year!


Once upon a time, very mean people decided to open a new zoo, but not a normal zoo: In this new zoo, there should be only tiny, cute animal babies. They wanted to attract a lot of people to the zoo in order to get a lot of money. So, the bad people started stealing baby animals all over the world. They caught little, poor animal babies in the wild and took them away from their parents - in the Arctic, the desert, in the mountains, on the beach, in the forest and in the jungle. 

The baby animals were put into cages and taken onto a ship. From there, a long journey continued until they would finally reach the zoo – all alone, far away from their parents and siblings. But suddenly the sky became dark. Lightning, thunder - a storm blew the ship over. It broke, began to sink and all the baby animals were blown by the wind into the water, where they paddled hysterically with their little arms out of fear.

Luckily, a group of whales quickly came to the rescue. The whales picked up the baby animals with their big mouths and made huge waves with their big fins, so that the bad animal catchers were swallowed up by the water. The baby animals shook themselves dry and warmed each other. They were very happy, but still did not know how to get back home to their parents. In the mouth of a big whale, it was a bit slippery and dark, so they could not stay there forever. The whales comforted the little baby animals and let them climb onto their backs one by one to dry in the sun. They promised the baby animals to bring them back home.

On the way back home, the little animals met ships with people on vacation and told them what happened. The friendly people wanted to help and threw something to wear and lots of useful odds and ends into the sea. The little baby animals took everything out of the water, brought it to the whales’ back and waved goodbye to the friendly people. With nice new clothes, they could finally stop at small islands to fill their little tummies. They were soooo hungry. They also found a camera, which they played with and took some really funny pictures. Look what great pictures were taken!

Purchasing a picture, you directly support selected, reputable animal welfare organizations worldwide. Thus, you make an important contribution to animal and species protection and help make our world a better place. Abused, orphaned and sick animals need our help. Donations are often the last and only way to help these animals. NiftyZoo was created aiming to give animal babies another way to generate donations for animal welfare and help animals in need.